Friday Whatever #27

Girls, can you believe this is the very first Friday Whatever in 2018?!? #oops High time to step up 😉 So as I promised you on Instagram, today I will introduce you to Shirataki noodles. Spring is near, so summer is almost there and we are probably all up to loose a little weight. I wanted to try these noodles for ageeees, they are made of konjac (a plant from Asia) and they do not contain carbs or calories at all – wait, what? Almost too good to be true! So head over to your next Asia market and try them!

First things first, as already mentioned these are Asia noodles. So please do not compare them to Italian pasta, but rather to glass noodles, actually these are quite similar! Shirataki noodles come in a kind of weird liquid (which smells a little fishy) and are a little gelatinous when raw. To get rid of this, hold your nose and make sure to wash the noodles using a strainer before preparing them and DO NOT BOIL them (otherwise still gelatinous) but fry them in a pan for some minutes.

This makes the dinner preparations even easier, as you can just throw your favorite veggies in the pan with the noodles. The noodles easily take on the taste of the other foods and sauces, so I just added some soy sauce and sriracha sauce but you can of course also go for some kind of Italian pasta sauce. Maybe some prawns or meat on top and – tadaaaa, bon appetit!

One box of Shirataki noodles is perfect for one person and costs about 1,40 Euros. Make sure to try these secret weapons and tell me how you like them!!



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