The PINK MACARON at Villa Honegg

Hi loves, we always want to be honest with you – also when it comes to hotel reviews! Whether collaboration or not, we always tell you our TRUE OPINION about the hotel, its service and surroundings. Blogging is an opinion forming tool and that is why there have to be also not that satisfied reviews from time to time.

This time it’s all about Instagram’s most famous mountain infinity pool at Hotel Villa Honegg. I always wanted to go to this boutique hotel because of social media pictures and no better occasion than my birthday. By the way I always love to visit Switzerland!!!

So here are my pros and cons about Villa Honegg:


The location of the hotel in the middle of the Swiss mountains is more than stunning – no matter the weather, it is always super calm and lovely. Villa Honegg serves an amazing á la carte breakfast till 2 pm! OMG finally time to sleep late, relax and don’t have to hurry about when breakfast ends!

The infinity pool is smaller than it looks on pictures but it is really unique in the world! Definitely a spot to go whether you take pics for Instagram or for Granny 😉

Villa Honegg has its very own cool lounge cinema! How cool is that idea?! Plus Hérmes Paris beauty products are always thumbs up!


As the Hotel is super expensive we always expect a lot. Room sizes are small even you book a junior suite. They do not care about food allergies at all. Usually imho a five star hotel should ask about any food intolerance of their guests at check in. I am not allowed to eat apple and I had several times the problem that apple was served without asking or mentioning before. The SPA area is quite small – as Villa Honegg is a hotel with focus on massages and sauna I would have expected more than 6 sunbeds for all guests.

So I hope you love this honest review and in the end I would definitely recommend to visit Villa Honegg, but my recommendation would be a Day Spa Pass to enjoy the stunning view!





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