The PINK MACARON Cake Popping

Christmas time is our favorite time of the year – not only because it is the time to enjoy tempting christmas treats from all around the world all day with no regrets 😉

Christmas cookies decorated with sweet chocolate, cinnamon and frostings in every fun color.
Of course we love this tradition but what about something new and super delicious for christmas? Something real popping – CAKE POPS!
The lovely Emily (and her Hubby) from Emily’s Cake Pops brought this sugary trend directly from the hot spot NYC to our beloved Munich and invited us to her fantastic workshop.

After putting on the cutest flowering aprons ever we learned all the secrets about those little round sweets. Well, playing with sugar pearls and and sweet icing is what PINK MACARONs love 😉
It is just the perfect present for every celebration of the year, not only for christmas time! This is why we styled our handmade Cake Pops timeless in the one and only PINK adding some glittering yummy toppings and of course some Chanel flavor.

So ladies pop it up and bon appetit!














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