The PINK MACARON Guide to Majorca

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As I already told you in my last Friday update, I visited Mallorca for the first time ever. Even though I spent only four days on this beautiful island, I tried to see as much as possible of what it has to offer! So I rented a car and spent hours and hours driving over almost the whole island. I spent the first days in the eastern part with wide lands and beautiful beaches and then moved to the western part where you can experience a totally different nature, lusher greens, the most beautiful vegetation and the impressive Tramuntana mountains.

So here are my must-sees and dos for Mallorca!


Fontsanta Hotel: This place is pure relaxation. A very small, old house with a super modern design touch, two beautiful pools, private jacuzzis all over the garden and the only natural thermal waters spa in the Balearic Islands where you have several privat bathing rooms. So just perfect for my trip alone to have a calm time with me, myself and I! And the staff really is the cutest and fulfilled every single of my weird blogger wishes with joy.

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Castell Son Claret: Whenever entering a Leading Hotel of the World, you get overwhelmed of this very special, elegant luxury from the very first moment and feel like a movie star in old Italy. Only entering the driveway up to the historic castle takes your breath away. Fountains, rose beds, flower walls – princess feelings guaranteed! Make sure to book a terrace double room, they are very very spacious and have the most amazing private terrace to have the best breakfast ever!

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Olivera: The hotel restaurant of the Castell serves typical Spanish-Mediterranean cuisine and maybe the best spring rolls I ever had. Another must try: the signature cocktail with tastes of the Tramuntana mountains. And btw the prettiest drink ever!



Ca’n Pep: Seafood, seafood, seafood!



Mercadona: Well, I’m serious. Nothing beats Spanish supermarkets when you are a little foodie. I always wish I could bring a whole suitcase full of Spanish cheese and Iberico ham with me. Especially because these products cost nothing compared to the prices here.


PINK Sights

Es Trenc: This natural beach is supposed to be the most beautiful of the island. For me, it is too crowded but you should pay a visit when in this area.


Flor de Sal d’Es Trenc: Close to the beach are the salt flats producing this super luxe flor de sal. Very impressive to see how the salt is harvested. And the shop really is one of the most Instagrammable places I found on the island, so cute!

Cap de Formentor: The most eastern part of the island on rough cliffs high above the sea. The drive is let’s call it adventurous so – seriously! – only drive there on your own when you are a safe and confident driver. I imagined my friends crying on the way there 😉 But the views during the drive are totally worth it and are actually even more impressive than when you reached the lighthouse.


Adios, la isla bonita and off to the next adventure!




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