The PINK MACARON Indian Summer Picnic

Summer is over and the leaves started falling so we celebrate every sunny warm day at its best!
No better way than with a delicious and sparkling indian summer picnic.

All we need for our tasty little adventure are yummy pastries and something orange to suit the autumn lights.
There are two things in life we love that comes in orange boxes: Hermès and Veuve Clicquot! We will lay aside money for the next 10 years to show you the big orange (Birkin)-Box 😉 so for now we love the tingly champagne that regularly comes up in some amazing special editions like our VC basket bag.
Veuve Clicquot is the best champagne to enjoy at home with your family and friends. Or to take it out for a picnic with your bestie 😉 The beautiful boxes are matching perfectly with the leaves that softly start to turn into yellow and orange.

A twinsie look at its best, not only to match your girl but also your sweet treats: Pretty pastels all over, from the bouclé coats to our color-blocking wedges. Delicate lace and fancy hats are the perfect complement for our sweet girly look. To keep it cosy and warm we wear some fluffy feather and fur mufflers.

Our favorite delicacies inside our picnic basket: well of course pink Ladureé macarons, Chanel cupcakes by Wir machen Cupcakes and fresh fruit tartes. Sweets only!

Life is a Picnic!

Your Pink Macarons

The Blond Macaron
ZARA Coat and Wedges
ASOS Dress
Chanel Boy Bag

The Brun Macaron
ZARA Coat, Dress and Wedges
Chanel Classic Bag

















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