You know we are real Munich girls 🙂 So we love to introduce you to one of our favourite spots in town: The amazing CafĂ© Luitpold!

The chic and classy location in the heart of Munich is more than just a cafĂ© – you can have an exceptional delicious lunch or dinner, too! One more reason the CafĂ© Luitpold is recommended by the prestigious Michelin Guide. We especially love the seasonal changing set menu, always super delicious at a great price.

But this time we had the unique opportunity to eat through the incredible offering of pastries, cake pops and chocolates!
Pink raspberry tartelettes, crunchy and creamy CafĂ© de Paris tarte and scrumptious DĂŽme au chocolate cake, what more could PINK MACARONs ask for? 😉 CafĂ© Luitpold really is a land of milk and honey.
Our favourites are the super yummy tarte au citrone for a deliciously light pleasure and the classic Café Luitpold cake for all chocoholics. You must try them!

But there is a lot more to discover at this historic coffee house:

  1. You want to learn how to bake those delicacies?
    Go for the awasome cookbook or join the workshops at the Atelier, where you can learn everything from the confectioners:
  2. Christmas time is near! Look forward to the prettiest christmas treats and their famous christmas cookies and cakes and sweeten your wait for Santa with the wonderful advent calendar – one delicate praline every day!
  3. Dinner and Dance? Join the DJ nights at Café Luitpold!
  4. You are not a munich girl? You can also shop the stunning pralines and sweets online:

For our wonderful afternoon at Café Luitpold we wear classy and girlie tea-time-looks with cute mini dresses with collars and big bows in the hair. The super cute Miu Miu special edition underlines this lady like look with its lovely roses.

For all coffee lovers and ladies with a sweet tooth: See you soon at Café Luitpold!













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