The PINK MACARON Shimmering Nights

When the days become shorter, the nights become longer! And a little party never killed nobody!

To become the queen of the night we need a super glamorous evening make up. Smokey cat eyes and dark berry lips ensure the perfect appearance at trendy bars and rocking clubs!
Our hotspot in Munich for beauty fun is the legendary Host Kirchberger. You can shop the incredible collection of cosmetic goodies from the most popular labels as well as rare insiders’ products at their chic and PINK store. But our faves: the own Horst Kirchberger line which offers an outstanding variety of ultra-luxe products!
Not a Munich Girl? Amazon brings you the HK fun.

For our long and glittering nights we looked for something extraordinary – Horst Kirchberger’s amazing SILVERSTAR EYE COLOR for our time to shine! The rich eyeshadows are available in five brilliantly sparkling colors from luminous silver to dramatic graphite.
For Blond Macarons we adore the softer tones and kick it off with alluring lips in a heavy and deep blackberry shade.
Brun Macarons can go for eye-catching kitty eyes in deep black with shiny nude lips. Always keep in mind the first make-up rule: Flashing eyes OR Lips!
Sometimes even PINK MACARONs can’t have everything and must decide 😉
Some Rouge Modelé in bicolor for a finishing touch to our glamorous make up absolutely perfect to celebrate the sparkling festive season!

By the way: Get a little help and personalized tips from the master himself at the Horst Kirchberger Academy. The perfect gift for every beautyqueen, mum and bestie!

To complete our glitzy evening look and be the star at every party we need three more treats:

1. Classically quilted CC Bags – the mini to dance all night and the classic to carry a pair of flats 😉
2. Sky high PINK Pumps – the hottest ones are of course Charlotte Olympia and Louboutin
3. The super cute lippy cosmetic bag by Horst Kirchberger to carry all of our beauty faves

So let’s dance the night away!

xoxo, the PINK MACARONs











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