The PINK MACARON’s Champagne Picnic

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Finally summer in the city and this means: time to celebrate life! Our favourite party during summer? Maybe you already discovered it on our Instagram channels: having a big and yummy picnic party at the most beautiful places like Schloss Nymphenburg.

The most important essential of our summer picnics beside (of course) PINK MACARONs? A cold, fresh and sparkling glass of champagne. We always love to try special new things and just discovered the outstanding Champagne De Watère. What we love the most about it? Their slogan which could be ours, too: The best just isn’t enough. So true! We always want more and this champagne tastes like so much more. Probably because of it’s long and traditional family history and the best biological ingredients.

So let’s toast with a delightful glass of Champagne De Watère to summer and everybody you love! For us this is always our family that supports us on our way!

And always remember: The best just isn’t enough!




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