I guess we all have this one bag we have an eye on for the longest time and for me it’s Saint Laurent’s Sac de Jour. Imho the most timeless, classy AND rockstar cool bag ever. And on top the only bag I would choose in black. Can you imagine I never owned a black bag? I don’t even dress black. I’m more the beige-creme-grey and PINK, of course, kind of person.

So, for me the Sac de Jour can not get any cooler than in the smallest size called nano. It is still so spacious, just perfect. But the thing is, the bigger sizes are also produced in grained leather and I really wanted to have the nano in this leather, but nano is only produced in soft leather (will lose its shape) or fine leather (too elegant for me).

After doing some research I found out that Selfridges is able to order special versions just made for them and – I must be the luckiest kid on earth – they had one single item of the nano size in grained leather, and, even better, in all black with black hardware.

So this may be my most special bag, as it does not even exist in the Saint Laurent universe, and I can’t wait to produce some Insta spam for you, better be prepared 😉







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